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Name: Aerith Gainsborough (aka Aerith Faremis)
Alias: Flower seller, the last Cetra
Age: 22 (at death)
Birthday: 7th February 1985
Hair colour: brown
Eye colour: green
Height: 5'3"
Blood type: O
Starsign: Aquarius

Background: Click here.

Personality: At first glance Aerith is a very carefree, fun-loving girl and for all intents and purposes that's exactly what she is. She likes to be the centre of attention and to have fun, she enjoys nothing more than enjoying herself with her friends. Whether that be simply traveling with them or making small pitstops at large amusement parks. Aerith lives for the moment, she wants to experience everything so that she can cherish each memory. These experiences become all the more important to her when she shares them with people she likes (or even loves) and if anything tries to get in the way of her enjoyment then she'll usually make her protests very obvious.

She is a very caring young woman and Aerith does a great deal for those she dotes on. She often finds herself feeling concerned for those she loves and when faced with little alternative she has been known to make very rash decisions to secure another's safety. For example, one of the earliest scenes in the game with Aerith involves her sacrificing her freedom for that of a young girl (Marlene). In a time of crisis it doesn't occur to her that she's acting without thinking through her options properly, her priorities often become unbalanced when she panics.

It is clear in Final Fantasy VII that Aerith is one of the main love interests of the game, which suits her personality very well because she has a very romantic outlook on life. She is a girl who feels that she has a lot of love to give to others, she's very open and playful, not to mention flirtatious, and she loves to tease those she likes. There are times when she is unaware that this behaviour can make others feel awkward as she sees it as a very harmless act. Not only does Aerith have her own romantic pursuits (especially on the game's hero; Cloud Strife) but she likes to matchmake those around her, Aerith likes the idea of everyone having someone and has been known to encourage relationships, even if they aren't entirely suited.

As positive as many of Aerith's personality traits are she has flaws like anyone else. Her biggest and most difficult is probably her selfish nature (which relates back to her interest in her and others romantic lives). She can't stand being ignored or brushed off and has been known to literally drag people away to centre their attention on her. Rejection doesn't sit well with her either and being rejected can leave her feeling sorry for herself and even a little bitter. She can be childish and unwilling to hear others views; a prime example of this is when Barret explains his difficult past to Cloud and the rest of the party and, bored, Aerith attempts to drag Cloud away from the conversation to "play" on the attractions at Gold Saucer. This action is in no way malicious, but it is thoughtless and there are times when Aerith doesn't quite realise how rude she's being.

Finally we move onto a side of Aerith that many rarely see, her spiritual and somewhat eccentric side. Being a Cetra she has had a difficult life growing up around others who do not share in her abilities which has left her feeling odd and very different. As a young girl she could hear the voices of those who had died in the lifestream and although, as she grew, those voices began to quieten they were still there. At times she could hear the cries of the planet and the call of the Cetra before her (especially in key areas such as the church in Midgar and the Temple of the Ancients), when these sensations overcome her she can lose herself in her thoughts. She daydreams and sometimes her actions become erratic and bizarre. Aerith has an almost precognitive ability to see into the future through her connection to the planet which, as a child especially, made her life very difficult. Aerith rarely talks about her Cetra abilities with others unless she feels extremely comfortable around them as she's been ridiculed for speaking about them before in the past (not to mention hunted by the ShinRa for them).

She is a complicated but very beautiful woman who feels invigorated by the life around her and at the same time utterly alone because of her nature. She seeks the love of others but when she doesn't receive it she's left feeling self-conscious and hurt. Aerith is not an easy person to comprehend, but she wouldn't want to be any other way.

possessions - Aerith carries with her: the Princess Guard staff, white materia, restore materia, all materia, ice materia, heal materia, seal materia, MP plus materia as well as a brush, a compact mirror, pink lipstick and her PHS.


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